Ribbed PVC Strip Curtains Chennai

About Ribbed Strip Curtains (Chennai)

We at Flyban Industries Chennai manufacture and supply top grade Ribbed PVC Strip Curtains, the unique ribbed design which aids the rib portion in taking up the impact of forklift or truck traffic. Double ribbed PVC products prevent tearing and scratching as well as grime and grease from building up.

This double ribbed design assure the long life and durability of PVC Strip Curtains, These durable ribbed strip curtains are best used where frequent movement is machine forklift and other heavy equipments with rough edges. apart from making separations of premises ribbed curtains also helps in maintaining the temperature of factory, keeps the are insect free and improve the safety if industry.


Benefits of Flyban’s Ribbed Strip Curtains (Chennai)

  • Available in Transparent and semi Transparent colors
  • Increase the safety of Factory
  • Keep the area insect and dust free
  • Double ribbed design assure longer life
  • Made from high grade raw material
  • Can be customizes according to need and requirement of area
Ribbed PVC Strip Curtains Chennai


Width of the Strip:- 200mm,
Thickness of the Strip:- 3mm
Suitable temperatures :- -20 degree to +50 degree
Length of the roll in feets:- 166.66
Best suitable for openings where height & width of the door comes to approx 170sq.ft. These Strip curtains are installed for openings with high traffic areas where the door height is upto 14 feets. They are installed for doors which has got a high no of Vehicles or Forklift movements.


Width:- 300mm, Thickness:- 3mm
Application temperature:- -20 degree to +50 degree C
Length of the strip in roll:- 166.66ft
Suitable for doors whose height & width comes upto 600sq.ft. This PVC Strip is installed for doors with height ranging from 20-30feets. This strip is installed at doors which has got higher no of vehicle movements /Forklift movements & Truck movements best suitable for bigger shutters which are 100% exposed to air.

The new (Double ribbed) technology increases the Strip Curtain life upto 30 % & prevents the same from getting damaged.



Ribbed partitions, Pharmaceutical industries, Kitchen areas, Packaging units, Dairy farms, Car washing places, Health care & Food units.

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